H E L L O.

Kevin here. I’m a New York based wedding photographer, who loves the in between moments. I’m all about capturing who you are and what your relationship is. When it comes to your big day I want to be there to capture the intimate moments, the happy tears, the secret glances across the dance floor, the moment you feel those butterflies in your stomach. I’m a hopeless romantic that finds beauty in the quiet times, and life in the wild ones. Do you want to say your vows in the dusty light of sunset on a mountain top? Have a moody barn wedding in mind? I want to know what touches your heart and inspires you. Let’s create something beautiful and wild.

I N V E S T M E N T .

At the end of the night when the candles are blown out, when the dance floor falls quiet, when your guests go home, and the cake gets eaten, you will have your photos. Ten years from now, you will have your photos to show your kids. When you’re a grandparent, you will have your photos to show your grand children. The small quiet moments in between are the ones I want you to have. The moments that make you you. My goal is to work with you to create something that will make you relive those moments from your wedding day when you look back on our photos. We’re going to create something beautiful. But I don’t want to just be your photographer, by the end of the night we’ll be doing shots and planning our next laser tag hangout. We’re in this together.

S O U N D S L I K E W E ‘ R E A G O O D M A T C H ?

L E T ‘ S T A L K.